Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. 15th.

Sunday. 17th.

Saturday. 16th. CFA Saturday. 16th. CFA
Saturday. 16th.

As soon as I could get through with my breakfast I went down to see Dr. Hayward. He looked at and dressed the wound and pronounced it to be in a good condition notwithstanding the collection of matter formed in it. This relieved me a little but I was very good for nothing during most of the day. The throbbing in my head continued. I took Medicine and remained at home in my study, a very useless personage to all intents and purposes.

I received the report of my father from the Minority of the Manufacturing Committee. It is an eighteen Column Report,1 but I managed to read it through and it was the only thing I did for the day. It is one line of public policy, that of a statesman, but it is not the line by which this Country can be governed. They are too much in the hands of political Jugglers—General Jackson et id genus omne who have no basis but the popularis aura. Retired to bed early and in pain.

50 1.

JQA’s report for the minority on the Committee on Manufactures was printed in full in the National Intelligencer for 12 March. Subsequently it was published in Philadelphia and in Boston as a pamphlet; see notes 1 and 1, respectively to entries for 19, 29 March, below.