Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Saturday. 16th.

Monday. 18th.

Sunday. 17th. CFA Sunday. 17th. CFA
Sunday. 17th.

I obtained some rest during the night and felt better all day, though my head throbbed very much and my stomach felt out of order.

Remained quietly at home most of my time and read in the morning the Account of the History of the United States in the Dr. Lardner’s Collection, and in the Afternoon, a long Sermon of Massillon’s upon the Divinity of Christ. Text Luke 2. 21. “His name was called Jesus, which was so named of the Angel.” His argument is that the Divinity is proved by the brilliancy and the general spirit of his Ministry on Earth, for supposing him to have been only a Man. The first would have naturally led men to idolatry and the Deity must have been by his attribute as Creator, responsible. The second would have spread a fatal snare for our innocence. This is a doctrinal point and it is treated by him with all the zeal which the Catholic sect entertain. I do not pretend to say any thing certain upon the point. Some of his views on the first division of the discourse are very powerful. And I believe they may be said to be convincing in regard to his earthly character. But I do not know that they go far enough to justify idolatry.

I took a short walk this morning. The air was cold, the wind being from the raw East. Evening quiet. Gardiner Gorham passed an hour. I was sleepy and dull. Read a little upon Architecture.