Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Monday. 18th.

Wednesday. 20th.

Tuesday. 19th. CFA Tuesday. 19th. CFA
Tuesday. 19th.

Lovely morning but the wind got round soon after. I went to the Office and passed my time making up Diary and looking over Mr. Webster’s Speech. It is a good, solid but rather dry law argument upon the theory of Nullification. Isaac P. Davis called up to see me again. He asked me to correct the proofs and make up a caption for the edition 52of the Report spoken of yesterday.1 They print five thousand at Eastburn’s Office.2 I went down to see about it, and Eastburn agreed to send a proof tonight but he did not.

Walk. Reflections upon the present State of things and unaccountable and irrepressible low spirits. Afternoon, tried to write but without any success. Read Cardinal de Retz. Evening at home. Sidney Brooks called and was amusing for an hour. Mr. Beale and his Son came in to take leave. He goes to Quincy in a day or two.


The Report had been ordered printed by the House of Representatives. However, because “the documents are much delayed in the printing” (JQA to CFA, 13 March, Adams Papers), a Boston pro-tariff group had decided to publish at once. The report was also circulated in pamphlet form elsewhere. In Philadelphia, for example, Robert Walsh, after printing the report in full in the National Gazette, issued it as a supplement in an edition of 9,000 copies (JQA, Diary, 12 April).


John H. Eastburn was the printer for the Daily Atlas; his office was at 18 State Street ( Boston Directory ).