Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Thursday. 21st.

Saturday. 23d.

Friday. 22d. CFA Friday. 22d. CFA
Friday. 22d.

The day was a lovely one. I went to the Office and from thence to the Athenaeum after lounging round idly at various places. Read several Articles in the Quarterly Review, done in the blackguard style of that periodical. One upon Coaches amused me a good deal.1 The perfection to which riding has been carried in England is very surprising. In this Country we have great facilities through our water communications. We improve also, every year.

Intended a walk this fine day, but an engagement or two disappointed me. Dined with Mr. Frothingham, my two ladies being there. Conversation with him afterwards upon the Brooks family and the prospects of some of the Members. We agreed in wishing them well.

Returned home and did nothing but draw up a Caption to my father’s Report. Evening quietly at home. Mrs. Trollope’s second volume.2 She does tell a good deal of truth. We ought to see ourselves and take advantage of even such corrections. The style of self puffing is rather ludicrous. Architecture afterwards.


An essay-review of The Traveller’s Oracle by William Kitchener and The Horse and Carriage Oracle by John Jervis (Quarterly Review, 48:346–375 [Dec. 1832]).


Domestic Manners of the Americans, borrowed from the Athenaeum.