Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. 22d.

Sunday. 24th.

Saturday. 23d. CFA Saturday. 23d. CFA
Saturday. 23d.

Another beautiful day. I went to the Office and was engaged there part of my time in writing, partly in reading a little of the History of 54the United States and partly in correcting proof of my Father’s Report. I drew off the final copy of my Caption, and took it to the Office to be referred to Mr. Davis. Thus went the morning with a long walk in consequence of the beauty of the day.

After dinner I was engaged in drawing off the last of my Sherry Wine purchased some time since from Mr. Williams. In consequence of my want of confidence in my Man, I did the whole of the work myself. Afterwards, I read a good deal of Cardinal de Retz. Felt interested in the account of the Meeting with the Grand Condé, but on the whole, as Voltaire observes, there is a very great inequality in the style. Some portions are decidedly heavy.

Evening quietly at home with my Wife and Miss Phillips. This is almost the first evening since her stay that we have been domestic. Her spirits require company and variety. And I think her stay with us has improved them. Read Mrs. Trollope. She did not see the best Society. But she judged well of what she did see. An American could judge equally well of England. It is all nonsense. Architecture and the Connoisseur.