Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Sunday. 24th.

Tuesday. 26th.

Monday. 25th. CFA Monday. 25th. CFA
Monday. 25th.

Foggy rainy morning but it afterwards cleared away. I went to the Office and was engaged most of my time in correcting proof for my father’s Report. It goes on slowly. Nothing of any particular consequence occurred. Took my walk. Received a letter from my Mother stating the probabilities of their coming.1 According to this my father is to be here directly and her coming is postponed until May. So it is.

My spirits were on the whole, better today. Afternoon, read Cardinal de Retz’s Memoirs who flags as he goes on.

My Wife and Miss Elizabeth Phillips proposing to go to the Theatre, we took tea at the Tremont House. From thence a whole party proceeded, consisting of Mrs. Gorham Brooks, Mrs. Frothingham and 3 children, two Miss Phillips’ and my Wife. Much ado about nothing, and an Afterpiece called Free and Easy. Mrs. Barrett as Beatrice, it being for her benefit. Barrett as Benedick.2 It was better supported than I expected. The other piece was absolutely good for nothing. Yet it made us laugh.


Letter missing.


On George H. and Mrs. Barrett (earlier Anne Jane Henry), actors in the theater for many years, see vol. 1:92, note, and Odell, Annals N. Y. Stage , 3:121, 123.