Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Sunday. 31st.

Tuesday. 2d.

Monday. April 1st. CFA Monday. April 1st. CFA
Monday. April 1st.

A most delicious day, the air as mild as it is in Summer. I went out with little Louisa to enjoy the air and give her a little of the freshness of the Spring. She is just able to walk alone and she takes great pleasure in it.

Went to the Office where I received a long letter from my father.1 He proposes to come on soon. My time was taken up in drawing up Accounts, balancing books and the like until my usual hour for walking. But the day was so warm I did not get my usual distance. Afternoon at home, reading Joli whose account of the escape of Cardinal de Retz is rather the other side of his own picture. So it is in this World. Le grand Condé made an honest remark when he said no body was a hero to his Valet. Evening quietly at home. Les Parvenus and a little of Shakespeare’s Merry Wives. Schiller too, but German is hard.


26 March (Adams Papers).