Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Tuesday. 9th.

Thursday. 11th.

Wednesday. 10th. CFA Wednesday. 10th. CFA
Wednesday. 10th.

Fine clear morning. I walked for an hour on the Common with my child. Met my old classmate Lothrop.1 He is a Clergyman at Dover in N.H. We left Cambridge with some little clouds between us on Account of certain reports stated to have been set in motion by him. I never took the trouble to ascertain their correctness. We were stiff and civil.

I went to the Office. T. B. Adams called in and spent an hour. 66Conversation various. He leaves this quarter on Tuesday for Pittsburgh. I wrote, and read part of the American History. Walk as usual. Went round by Sumner Street to look at a range of new Houses. Their fronts are very pretty.

T. B. Adams and Louisa C. Smith2 dined with me. The afternoon was by this means exceedingly shortened. I read Botta. Evening at home. Idle. Read more in relation to Pompeii. A very curious subject.


After an early intimacy, CFA and Samuel Kirkland Lothrop quarreled over matters not entirely clear. Thereafter CFA was never more than correct toward him and maintained a low opinion of his integrity. See vol. 1:170, 249–250; 2:170; below, entry for 16 Sept. 1834.


Louisa Catherine Catharine Smith, a spinster niece of AA, had resided at the Old House since her childhood, and during JA’s later years had devoted herself entirely to his care. Later, she returned to the Old House to take charge of it for JQA during periods when LCA was absent. Still later, after TBA’s death, she boarded with the widow and was her consolation (JQA, Diary, entries for 5 Oct. 1826, 14 Aug. 1832, 14 Oct. 1833; CFA to ABA, 18 April 1827; to LCA, 30 Oct. 1829; both letters in Adams Papers; see also Adams Genealogy).