Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Thursday. 11th.

Saturday. 13th.

Friday. 12th. CFA Friday. 12th. CFA
Friday. 12th.

Cloudy with rain. Weather altogether unpleasant. I went to the Office after reading a portion of Horace. Got a couple of hours to read the American History besides going to the Athenaeum and calling on Mr. Lothrop. The work is in the latter part of it full of gross errors. 67The Writer had but a very indistinct idea of the operation of our system.

After dinner, was obliged to go down and attend a Meeting of the Directors of Boylston Market. No Quorum. Went over to the Insurance Office where I looked at the plan for widening the Street— The object of a Meeting to advise further expenditures. Decided to call one for Monday. Mr. Baldwin1 talked away for a couple of hours. He strikes me as a very unpleasant man to have any thing to do with. I do not like the whole business.

Returned and read a little of Botta. Evening quietly at home. Les Parvenus, and one Act of Twelfth Night. Afterwards Pompeii.


Perhaps Aaron Baldwin, on whom see vol. 3:303.