Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. 19th.

Sunday. 21st.

72 Saturday. 20th. CFA Saturday. 20th. CFA
Saturday. 20th.

Warm morning. I went to the Office, leaving my father at home with Mr. Degrand. Engaged in writing and Accounts but had time to be able to accomplish one or two Chapters of Mackintosh’s third volume. He treats of Mary of Scotland without any of the chivalrous spirit which has led so many to defend her. I think he is right. The woman who could marry her husband’s murderer in a few short months after the deed can have had no moral sense, and the excuse of a Queen’s violation is merely adding one crime to another. It is a very false notion of honor to defend such acts let a female’s beauty plead ever so strongly. What is the moral influence of palliating these crimes? Are women more chaste, when they see an excuse of force readily admitted? Every female will plead force.

Paid a visit to Mrs. Sidney Brooks but was not admitted. After dinner, my father went to Quincy in my Gig with me. He proposes to make an experiment of the residence for a day or two. If too lonely, he will come in to see us. I remained with him until six when I returned home. Quiet evening.