Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Sunday. 21st.

Tuesday. 23rd.

Monday. 22d. CFA Monday. 22d. CFA
Monday. 22d.

The weather continues fine. I read a Satire of Horace and then to the Office where I made some progress in Sir James Mackintosh’s History. On the whole this comes more nearly up to my own idea of what it ought to be than any thing I ever read. He is perhaps a little partial to Elizabeth, but I do not know whether, after reviewing the circumstances in which she was placed, it is fair to say so.

I took a walk with Mr. Peabody. Nothing material. After dinner read Botta and Schiller. Evening my Wife being out, accomplished a few Chapters in Bigelow’s Technology—A book so useful I have a great mind to buy it, which is a rare thing with me.1 Went for my wife at Mrs. P. C. Brooks Jr’s. Several persons there. Mrs. Frothingham and Miss Lydia Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Story, Francis Gray and W. G. Brooks. Returned at ten. Finished the first volume of Chateaubriand’s Itineraire.


CFA had borrowed from the Athenaeum Jacob Bigelow’s Elements of Technology, Boston, 1829.