Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. 26th.

Sunday. 28th.

Saturday. 27th. CFA Saturday. 27th. CFA
Saturday. 27th.

Cold and Easterly. Our weather gives no pleasure to the Spring. I was exceedingly engaged all the Morning. Mr. Tenney notified me 77that he was about to quit the house he has occupied for three years. I regret this as he has been a good and punctual tenant. Mr. R. Child and J. H. Foster1 called upon the subject of the Boylston Market. The Directors are divided in opinion upon the propriety of an addition to the amount recommended for widening the Street. I am to call a Stockholders meeting to decide upon it. I was in various ways kept running all the morning. So that no reading could be done.

Afternoon pursued Botta, and omitted German. My mind is so distracted, I can make little or no progress in so desultory a pursuit. Evening quietly at home. We declined a party at Mrs. A. H. Everett’s given to Miss Kemble. I made some progress in the Itineraire.


On James Hiller Foster, a canny merchant, see vol. 3:13, 92, 136, and Adams Genealogy.