Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Sunday. 28th.

Tuesday. 30th.

Monday. 29th. CFA Monday. 29th. CFA
Monday. 29th.

My man servant has left me and the consequence is that we are put to some inconvenience. This comes of these frequent removals. At the Office—Some applications on account of my house but none that I liked. Engaged in a variety of Commissions on my father’s account as well as my own. The day was sultry and oppressive to a most excessive degree. I felt excessively incommoded by a severe cold in my head caught on one of the chilly days of the last week.

After dinner read Botta. We had intended to have gone to the Theatre or to a party at Mrs. Crowninshield’s,1 but we could get no tickets for the one and I felt unequal to the other—So that we passed the evening quietly at home. I read a little more of Chateaubriand. The Itineraire has not much interest. It displays an amiable man, and an enthusiastic one.


That is, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Williams Crowninshield (vol. 1:30).