Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Wednesday. May 1st.

Friday. 3rd.

Thursday. 2d. CFA Thursday. 2d. CFA
Thursday. 2d.

I was much occupied this morning in making final preparations for quitting our house for the Summer months. This is quite a business, as it takes place also at the season of cleaning. Went to the Office. Engaged there for some time in Accounts and writing my Diary which had fallen in arrear for a day or two.

At 1/2 past twelve, I started to go to Quincy in my Gig with Dr. 80Parkman who almost invited himself to accompany me.1 I was glad to have him. We arrived there before two and I found my Wife and child quietly housed. The day was a fine one, and I felt on the whole grateful that we had so many assistances to get over the unpleasant part of the change. The worst thing is to my Wife in losing her Nursery Woman for the Summer. Such little evils we must learn to submit to.

Afternoon passed in the garden sowing seeds. Evening quietly passed at home. Conversation with my father. Pursued none of my usual occupations, excepting the numbers of the Connoisseur.


Dr. George Parkman (vol. 2:158). For Dr. Parkman’s purpose in going to Quincy and for its outcome, see below, entry for 11 May, note.