Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. 3rd.

Sunday. 5th.

Saturday. 4th. CFA Saturday. 4th. CFA
Saturday. 4th.

Morning cool. I rode to town and was busy most of my morning in the various commissions which residence here seems to impose. A great deal of time was taken up in the various applications of Tenants for the house that is vacant, as well as directions for the alterations and repairs which I wish to be made. I was obliged to go to the House for sundry purposes, and I there obtained several books &c.

Dined at Mr. Frothingham’s. Conversation about Col. Perkins’ dona-81tion. I have subscribed very far beyond what it seems to me I ought to have done. But when others hold back, it seems to me not right to countenance their higgling.

After dinner I attended the meeting of the Stockholders of Boylston Market. A considerable number present. Much discussion upon the expediency of an appropriation. Some dissatisfaction expressed and opposition to any large sum. $3000 failed almost unanimously. $2500 failed by two to one. 2000 succeeded by a few votes. I believe the change of my votes produced it. Am I justified in my course. I think so or I would not do it. Yet I hope nothing will be done. The minority is too large. Returned home to tea. Quiet evening.