Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Tuesday. 7th.

Thursday. 9th.

Wednesday. 8th. CFA Wednesday. 8th. CFA
Wednesday. 8th.

The morning was bright and the weather continued exceedingly warm. I went to town, and my time was taken up in writing at my Office. I was more quiet today and yet no Applicants for the house came. Such is my fortune always. Mr. Tenny came and settled with me.

I called upon my cousin once Mrs. S. B. Clark now Mrs. Treadway. She is a bride at present on a visit here. I have not seen her for eight years1 and there seems no great prospect of it now for I have twice failed.

Returned to dinner. Afternoon, taken up with the Catalogue and copying for my father. Read one or two of the Epistles of Horace. Evening quiet conversation at home.


Susanna Boylston Adams, daughter of CA, was for fourteen years the widow of Charles Thomas Clark. Late in the preceding month Susanna had married William R. H. Treadway. For a time in JA’s last years she had lived at the Old House to care for him (vol. 1:32). On her and her husbands, see Adams Genealogy.