Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Monday. 13th.

Wednesday. 15th.

Tuesday. 14th. CFA Tuesday. 14th. CFA
Tuesday. 14th.

It looked misty and rained occasionally so that I did not go to town. My morning taken up principally in reading Horace and in working upon the Catalogue. I make progress but as yet rather slowly. I hope to get things so arranged in a day or two as to make a final disposition of most of the books. To this purpose I had the Office cleared away this morning and effected a transfer of those volumes which I designed to go over. Some discrimination must be exercised as the mould has made serious inroads even upon the books of value.1

In the Afternoon, notwithstanding the rain, I was obliged to ride down to Mount Wollaston to see the farmer and buy some hay. The late dry weather has materially raised the price of this article.

The child appeared so hoarse today, that she was subjected to some severity of Medicine. I perceive now the value of so careful a Nurse as Mrs. Fields if I had not known it before.2 Some exposure has produced this effect. Evening quiet at home.

89 1.

“The Office,” located on the grounds at the Old House, was on the second floor of the old farmhouse. Until after JQA’s death, the books which JA had given to the town of Quincy remained there subject to “the injury of time, of damp, and mice, and utter neglect” (vol. 4:139, 389–391).


On LCA2’s nurse, Mrs. Field, see vol. 4:314.