Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. 17th.

Sunday. 19th.

Saturday. 18th. CFA Saturday. 18th. CFA
Saturday. 18th.

The weather was clear and very warm this morning. I went to town accompanied by John Kirk my father’s man. Our principal object was to see about purchasing a Carriage which had been advertised at Auction today. I examined it and fixed a price in my own mind, but it sold for twenty five dollars more. My Mother is in want of a vehicle. Other occupations consumed my remaining hour so that I returned with little success.

My residence at Quincy is to gratify my father and in that light it satisfies me, but it causes the neglect of my Agency here more than I should wish. A great many things are to be attended to at places widely distant from each other, and I am not here long enough to be thorough with them.

After dinner, I went up to Payne’s hill on a general dunning expedition but did not find a single Tenant at home. It cost me a long and a hot walk. Whatever my way of earning my Compensation in Boston may be, that at Quincy is much more laborious in proportion. I have had a great mind to give it up. Deacon Spear would probably do it and more thoroughly for half the money.1

Returned home and read a little of Horace. The Child is, we think, better, but she still has the cough which does not yet seem decided enough to pronounce it Whooping Cough. Evening at home.


Deacon Daniel Spear had preceded CFA as JQA’s agent in the management of the Quincy properties (vol. 3:180, 185–186; 4:249).