Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Wednesday. 5th.

Friday. 7th.

Thursday. 6th. CFA Thursday. 6th. CFA
Thursday. 6th.

My father accompanied me to town today. I was engaged in running round upon a variety of little Commissions for the greater part of the time, the remainder being taken upon in the never ending business of Accounts. I brought mine up to the present date and settled them to my satisfaction. Went to my House after several things and finally spent an hour at the Gallery.

Dr. Parkman hearing my father was in town came in quest of him to dine at his house and I was of course asked, not being easily left out. Great urgency prevailed and so we went. It was a small family party to a certain Mr. and Mrs. Jackson from Philadelphia, consisting of Judge Thatcher and his Wife, Daniel Parkman and his Wife, and Mrs. Parkman.1 The three ladies Mrs. G. and Daniel Parkman and Mrs. Thatcher are sisters and cousins of Mrs. Jackson. We had a tolerably pleasant time, although I was under the embarrassment of feeling myself a supernumerary all the time. Returned home before Sunset. Dr. Parkman is a very great and very constant admirer of my father and is profuse in his civilities towards him. He is also to all appearance exceedingly disinterested for he asks nothing but his company.

I did little or nothing in the evening, as I felt unusually fatigued. Read my numbers of the Observer—A book I am much pleased with, as both in morality and tone it is far superior to its predecessors the World and Connoisseur.


JQA identifies Mrs. Parkman as “old Mrs. Parkman the mother” (Diary, 6 June 1883). The Parkman men are identified at vol. 2:158.