Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Thursday. 6th.

Saturday. 8th.

Friday. 7th. CFA Friday. 7th. CFA
Friday. 7th.

Morning cloudy but the day was clear with an unpleasant easterly wind at noon. I remained at home all day. Visit from Mr. Harvey Field who came for himself and a Neighbour to settle the rent that was due to my father. Conversation upon the late Representatives Election. He evidently thinks himself perhaps not without Justice the 102cause of my father’s great success. He says the Masons here were his most violent opponents. Yet Masonry has no influence any where.

I was rather delayed about my work, yet succeeded in accomplishing a Satire and an Ode of Horace, the remainder of the Chapter of Neale begun Wednesday and some of Hutchinson. My share in the latter being a little of the smallest.

In the Afternoon, I pursued my work upon Indexing Pamphlets. A large Collection of many good ones and many very flat, stale and unprofitable. Perhaps it is one of the most singular subjects we have to speculate on, the feeling with which one examines the effusions personal, political and miscellaneous of past times. All dead and buried in the tomb of the Capulets. All the evidences of the restlessness of the human mind. Quiet evening at home. I read Madame de Sevigné and the Observer.