Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Sunday. 23rd.

Tuesday. 25th.

Monday. 24th. CFA Monday. 24th. CFA
Monday. 24th.

The day was wet and foggy with wind from the Eastward so that I did not stir from home. Indeed while the town is making a holiday of General Jackson’s visit, it is waste of time for me to attempt to do 113any thing there. Read Horace and Neale. The latter gives an Account of the first settlement of Plymouth Colony and the admirable address by Robinson which is interesting. I ought to have read this history before I wrote upon the subject.

Engaged also upon the controversial papers between Hutchinson and the General Court. They are exceedingly well done and strong on both sides although I think the reasoning leans against the Governor. Indeed, had it not been for the consent to the authority of the Long Parliament, I should be clear. To this it can only be answered that times of civil commotion are not the best from which to draw precedents to settle great principles.

My afternoons require more easy reading, and I think I earn the privilege when my mornings are so well spent. Read the Letters of St. John the Pennsylvania Farmer, which are very pretty.1 Evening quietly at home. Mr. Beale called in and spent an hour.


A copy of Lettres d’un cultivateur américain by Michel Guillaume Jean de Crèvecoeur (who used various forms of his name on the titlepages of his books), 3 vols., Paris, 1787, is in MQA.