Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Thursday. 27th.

Saturday. 29th.

117 Friday. 28th. CFA Friday. 28th. CFA
Friday. 28th.

Fine morning although the Northwest wind made the air still quite cold. I staid at home all day today. My time passed in my usual avocations. Horace’s Odes, Neale and Tudor’s Life of James Otis. Upon reading the history of the Puritans, there is a great deal of matter which I regret I did not know when I wrote my Article for the North American, which I see by the Newspaper, is to be published on Monday, after so long a delay.1 There are points which might have been stated more strongly, and others perhaps a little softened. But these regrets would probably always recur upon reading a book on the subject, as every writer has to present some new or singular view of some point or other. I was interested in Mr. Tudor which is a valuable series of reminiscences.

In the afternoon, I walked up to Payne’s hill to see Mr. Field for the last time. As usual, he was not at home. On my return I felt so indisposed that I did not do much. Evening quiet at home. My father went into town to dine with Lieut. Gov. Armstrong and did not return until late. Read Cumberland’s criticism of Congreve’s Double dealer.


See vol. 4:428, and note to entry for 4 Jan., above.