Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Saturday. 20th.

Monday. 22d.

Sunday. 21st. CFA Sunday. 21st. CFA
Sunday. 21st.

The day threatened great heat, but clouds and an East wind prevented. I read an Ode or two of Horace and attended divine Service all day. Mr. Brooks from Hingham preached and much better than when I have heard him on former occasions.1 His texts were Revelations 22.3. on the existence and worship of a God, and Hebrews 13.9. on the character of Jesus Christ.

I also read a Sermon of Massillon 1. Corinthians 6. 2. “Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world.” It was the occasion of the Anniversary of St. Louis or Lewis the 9th. of France. He proposes thus. Piety is deemed by the world incompatible with heroic greatness. High rank is held to Apologize the relaxation of rigid morality. The example of Louis overthrows the two ideas. He was a noble King by being a pious man. His station made him more rigorous in the performance of his duties. The Sermon is good, but St. Louis was not the less fanatical, for he exhausted his kingdom and threw away his life in the pursuit of a very trifling object. Jerusalem could not make men more pious nor add to the glory of the Saviour, yet how much blood was lavished to acquire and to keep it.

Evening Mr. Simmons2 and Mr. Degrand were here. I passed the time in my Mother’s room.


JQA praised Rev. Charles Brooks both for his sermons and his delivery, but he admitted that Brooks was “not a favourite with others” (Diary, 21 July 1833). For the other view, see vol. 3:318.


David A. Simmons, attorney, who at one time had had his office in the 23 Court Street building (vol. 3:2).