Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Monday. 22d.

Wednesday. 24th.

Tuesday. 23d. CFA Tuesday. 23d. CFA
Tuesday. 23d.

The day was quite cool with an Easterly wind which to the feeling was very pleasant after yesterday’s heat. I was occupied all day pretty busily. Read Horace and finished Tudor’s Life of Otis besides copying several Letters into my book.

My new scheme may lead me into an extensive examination of the papers remaining which will not be without its uses to me hereafter, I hope. I read this afternoon a portion of the correspondence of my Grandfather with his Wife about 1780–82 which is exceedingly char-133acteristic.1 I do not know a part of his private MS. which are calculated to be more amusing. There is nothing in them but the high toned honesty which prevails in all his actions throughout his Life. But the gentler tones of affection are constantly to be found in them, and here it is that the public understands him very little.

Elizabeth C. Adams spent the day here. She is better since her return from the Journey lately taken with Mrs. Miller. Evening quiet at home. I was exceedingly drowsy, but managed to copy a letter for my father2 besides reading a couple of the Observer.


The letters of this period are contained in vols. 3 and 4 of Adams Family Correspondence .


JQA’s reply (LbC, Adams Papers) to A. H. Everett.