Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Thursday. August 1st.

Saturday. 3d.

Friday. 2d. CFA Friday. 2d. CFA
Friday. 2d.

My day was passed very quietly here in the pursuit of my usual occupations. I went to the Office, where after reading one or two fine Odes of Horace I pursued my business of reviewing old Letters. I came today, across a most remarkable file written from Philadelphia during the year 1776. Among them, is that extraordinary one which speaks of the 4th of July in such terms.1

My Grandfather was a very great man, with man’s imperfections 139clinging about him. He had more of the moral sublime about him than any hero of the Revolution without excepting Washington. His private Letters display tastes equally strong for the enjoyment of private life. In this he differs from my father who still is agitated by the restless worm.2 These are very valuable papers.

Afternoon, I read St. John who has become in the 3d. volume exceedingly dry. Evening quietly at home. Humphry Clinker. My Mother was better.


Adams Family Correspondence , 2:27–33.


Political ambition.