Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Sunday. 11th.

Tuesday. 13th.

Monday. 12th. CFA Monday. 12th. CFA
Monday. 12th.

I went to town and passed the day. Time very much taken up in Commissions and exercise of various sorts. I went to my House to attend to the setting of the grate which the man was doing. This is the first piece of business. I then went to the Athenaeum and passed nearly an hour idling, dined at Mr. Frothingham’s who treated me to some very nice wine, of that which we bought Tuesday. I am well content with my purchase. No news of any kind. Attended a meeting of Directors of Boylston Market. Things begin to look brighter in this Quarter. We have wiped off our Notes. No business. Got into idle conversation with these Directors, and staid till quite late so that I was not at home until eight o’clock. The riding was very pleasant. Warm evening.