Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Sunday. 25th.

Tuesday. 27th.

Monday. 26th. CFA Monday. 26th. CFA
Monday. 26th.

After a restless night, I arose and breakfasting, went to town. My determination was to endeavor in future to avoid occasions upon which to come here and incur the risk of difficulty. The amount of occupation which my house and the preparations to enter it furnish, gave me plenty of justification for absence, so I remained in town until late in the evening.

I was much engaged all day—In the morning by business matters, in the afternoon by reading in my study. Mr. Greene1 called upon me to transfer Shares of the State bank to me which business was accomplished. This makes a sum out upon interest considerably beyond what I can permanently invest. Yet I have a repayment in November of the loan July 1st. and my income accrues in equal portions on the first of the two preceding months so that I consider the proceeding perfectly safe. My expenditure upon the House is considerable, but most of it will not be due for some time. On the whole my finances stand pretty fair. This is to me an important subject—Important from the fact that my father goes backward almost as fast as I advance. Collected a little Rent, made a settlement with Dr. Parkman on my brother’s Account and saw Mr. I. P. Davis. Thus the time passed.

Read a little of Hutchinson in the Afternoon, and seventy lines of the first Georgic. The Painters did not finish until after sunset, and I staid them out. The Accounts from New York2 are not encouraging. Returned to Quincy quite late.


Simon E. Greene, stockbroker; see vol. 3:296.


Concerning Henry Brooks.