Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Wednesday. 28th.

Friday. 30th.

Thursday. 29th. CFA Thursday. 29th. CFA
Thursday. 29th.

As I had been going for so long a time I concluded it would be better to remain quietly at home today and turn my attention to winding up the principal things I was occupied about. In consequence of this I did little more than copy diligently morning and afternoon. A business for which I have no conveniences here and which affects my breast a good deal. I have got engaged in copying out the principal Letters in the Correspondence between my Grandparents and my principal difficulty has consisted in the difficulty of limiting my selection. They are all so good it is very hard not to copy all, yet this is more than I can or ought to do.

Hutchinson is all this while falling into the background. Nothing else of particular interest. I omitted to mention that my father started 159yesterday on a little trip to the mountains of New Hampshire, in company with Mr. and Mrs. I. P. Davis. This is in consequence of the urgency of the family who are concerned at the languid state in which he has been for some time past.1 In the evening, quiet at home. Gov. Knight2 and another man called. Nobody recollected him in time.


The ten-day trip through the White Mountains was accomplished with no more than minimal curtailment of program because of ill health (JQA, Diary, 29 Aug.–7 Sept.).


Nehemiah Rice Knight, U.S. Senator from Rhode Island and former Governor.