Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Sunday. September 1.

Tuesday. 3d.

161 Monday. 2d. CFA Monday. 2d. CFA
Monday. 2d.

The North wind was almost a gale this morning. I went into town with it blowing in my face very violently and scarcely recollect having had a more disagreeable ride. My time was very much taken up between my house and Office. Found the Cook there this morning, but was disappointed in the man who did not come at the time promised. I accidentally found him afterwards and as he appeared to be an idler without any adequate excuse I dismissed him on the spot. This disarranges me very considerably. I do not at present know what to do.

Called to see Mr. Brooks and Mrs. Frothingham. The latest accounts from Henry are very distressing and I am sorry to say tolerably decisive of his fate. This is deeply unfortunate, particularly at this time to me. I can only trust in a merciful Providence who guides and guards all our destinies. Our fate is in his hands. Mr. Brooks appeared to me exceedingly depressed.

I returned home to dinner and passed my Afternoon in writing Index for the third Volume of the Papers which I completed. I was quite fatigued and unable to do any thing in the evening. The night was quite a cold one.