Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Wednesday. 4th.

Friday. 6th.

Thursday. 5th. CFA Thursday. 5th. CFA
Thursday. 5th.

Went to town accompanied by my brother. The day was cloudy and very sultry indeed. I passed much of my time at the House and at an Auction sale of the furniture of Mrs. H. G. Otis who being about to cross the Atlantic winds up here. I attended for the purpose of purchasing a small dining table, instead of which I got a large one at a price not much greater so that I did very well.1 This and some Commissions wore away the day until time to return. Afternoon again passed in a similar way. Finished the Index work for the whole making five Volumes, and got all but one in readiness for binding. This has been a labor voluntarily undertaken, but I hope it will prove somewhat of a security. After the binding is done I shall proceed with my copying. It is high time if I intend to begin at all to think seriously of Hutchinson. Evening quietly at home.


The auction held at 8 Somerset Street, the home of the widow of Harrison Gray Otis Jr., included a “set of Grecian dining tables” (Columbian Centinel, 5 Sept., p. 3, col. 7). On Mrs. Otis (Eliza Boardman), see vol. 4:185 and entry for 1 May, above.