Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. 6th.

Sunday. 8th.

Saturday. 7th. CFA Saturday. 7th. CFA
Saturday. 7th.

This was the morning for our move. Accordingly after seeing to every thing, I went off leaving my Wife and child to follow in the Carriage with my Mother. On my arrival in town I found myself occupied with a multitude of the little things necessary to be done as I stated yesterday. The whole family arrived safely at about eleven, and we were again safely installed in our establishment.

This while it relieves me of much of the peculiar anxiety experienced now at Quincy, is attended with cares of it’s own. I would endeavor as far as possible to shake them off. For in this world, I am pretty well satisfied that man makes little for his own happiness who extends his anxiety to subjects that little deserve it. I propose from the present time to devote myself more to literature, to do every thing that I may be able to find, and to waste as little as the constant and inevitable calls of life will permit.

I went to the Office, and from thence to the Athenaaeum Athenaeum . Afternoon at home. My Mother left us at five, despairing of finding the President. But he arrived nevertheless about an hour afterwards. His health and spirits seem to have been improved by the trip. He staid with us the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Frothingham also called. Thus ended our first Boston day.