Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Saturday. 7th.

Monday. 9th.

165 Sunday. 8th. CFA Sunday. 8th. CFA
Sunday. 8th.

Morning cloudy with a few drops of rain. My father returned to Quincy after breakfast, Kirk having come in a Gig to take him out. I attended divine service at the Meeting house in Chauncy place all day. Heard Dr. Gray of Roxbury preach in the morning upon the proper use of time as a preparation for death, in the afternoon upon the pure in heart, Matthew 5. 8. I am no great admirer of the personal character of the preacher, so that in the pulpit I have no faith in the persuasion of his lips.1 I hope this is not uncharitable.

At Meeting I saw Sidney and P. C. Brooks Jr. who came in to see my Wife. Miss Julia Gorham dined with us. After service in the Afternoon, I accompanied Sidney to Charlestown for the purpose of seeing Mr. and Mrs. Everett. We found the latter at home, and he came in before we returned. I took the opportunity to consult him as to his intention to be a candidate for the Antimasonic nomination of Governor next week. He declines, as I think, wisely.

We took tea and returned. I found Miss Julia and her brother Gardner sitting with my Wife. The child seems a little unwell. One anxiety follows hard upon another. I am fixed in Boston to relieve myself from one and this gives me another. My trust is always in a much higher source.

Read a Funeral Oration of Massillon’s upon the Dauphin, son of Louis 14th. A disease of some kind in one year swept through the family of this King and left him in his old age desolate. How different from his outset in life. One of the Greek sages pronounced the truth that no man could be reckoned happy until after he had ceased to live. Time has added or taken away nothing from it’s simple warning. The text was from the Wisdom of Solomon. 9. 12 “So shall my works be acceptable, and I be worthy to sit in my father’s seat.” He is a negative character in history, though he shines in panegyric.


CFA’s earlier comment on Rev. Thomas Gray (vol. 4:382) was the same.