Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Tuesday. 10th.

Thursday. 12th.

Wednesday. 11th. CFA Wednesday. 11th. CFA
Wednesday. 11th.

As my Wife expected some of the family from Quincy, I took the trouble to go down to Market. She was disappointed after all, my father and brother’s wife being ill and unable to come.

At ten o’clock I went up to the Representatives Chamber in the State house to attend the Antimasonic Convention which met there. A very considerable number of persons from various parts of the State attended, and they appeared to me to be generally of the respectable but middling class of the Community. Mr. Bailey was made President,1 with four Vice Presidents and three Secretaries. The morning was consumed in the various modes of organizing the portions of the body into managing Committees, reading Reports &c. A vote was passed referring the nomination of Candidates to 4 o’clock in the Afternoon. Shortly after one I returned home and attended again at 3. The canvassing then began. And it was soon found that the time before the election would be far too short to allow of a full consideration of the matter. It was postponed until ten o’clock in the morning. The remainder of the time was taken up in reading a report upon the influence of Masonry upon the districting the State. It is in many respects a curious developement.

I did not attend the adjourned meeting at Faneuil Hall in the evening. Thus I have embarked in the ship of the party, and this day have acted exactly according to my plan. My name has not been concerned in any forward participation in the movements, while I leave no shadow of doubt upon my opinions. Evening quietly at home.


John Bailey, later to be the antimasonic party’s candidate for governor, had served as clerk in the State Department during JQA’s whole incumbency as Secretary of State and been Representative from Massachusetts during JQA’s term as President ( Biog. Dir. Cong. ).