Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Sunday. 15th.

Tuesday. 17th.

Monday. 16th. CFA Monday. 16th. CFA
Monday. 16th.

Clear and cool. I went to the Office and was occupied in reading Bradford’s History in which I made considerable progress. The difficulty with me is that I desire to be at the same time writing. I cannot 172reflect to much purpose without reducing my ideas to some definite shape—A circumstance that makes writing to me far more of a labor than it need.

A short walk. Afternoon reading Hutchinson and the Massachusetts State Papers, the blunders of Governor Bernard, who was a very indifferent Agent for the execution of the schemes of the British Ministry. He was an Englishman coming here for the sake of money, with no strength in the affections of the people, and with a disposition to arbitrary doctrines which he had not the judgment to conceal. Joined with this was an open and rather irritable temper, which he had not very much under his control. He was thus almost at the mercy of the popular party—The leaders of which knew their business.

Resumed my reading of Virgil today with the first Georgic, and in the evening wrote a considerable portion of my Article. Thus I have at last fallen pretty thoroughly into the regular course of life which is customary to me in town.