Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Wednesday. 18th.

Friday. 20th.

Thursday. 19th. CFA Thursday. 19th. CFA
Thursday. 19th.

Morning very warm and sultry. I awoke feeling excessively heated and feverish, and this settled into a nervous head ach for the day. At my Office in the morning where I continued to read Bradford whose book I finished, at least so far as is necessary to me at this time. It is highly improbable that I shall ever touch it again.

Looked over my Accounts, balanced my books and then endeavoured to better myself by taking a walk. But the attempt did not succeed. Since my return to town I have felt excessively languid, probably caused by the season of the year and my change of life. This particular kind of dog-day heat is also a very unpleasant thing to the feeling.

Afternoon, continued Hutchinson though not with much vigor. Read all his complaints and did not much wonder at them. To struggle with popular feeling, hard as it is every where, becomes twenty times harder in a Community in which there is so rigid a compliance ex-174pected with public opinion. My Grandfather and my father have done it all their lives. The consequences have reflected upon me, who am myself exactly such another in disposition although not in talent. I have the spirit to be independent without the capacity to keep myself above water. I am therefore doubly unfortunate. Quiet evening.