Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Monday. 23d.

Wednesday. 25th.

Tuesday. 24th. CFA Tuesday. 24th. CFA
Tuesday. 24th.

My Wife had a good night and seemed to be on the whole much on the recovery. The boy is a stout little fellow, and seems quite tolerably. Thanks be to God for all his mercies. My mother begins to feel her weakness and the severity of the blow she received in her fall. But she is on the whole tolerably well.

I went to the Office and was engaged most of my time in Accounts as well as making up my Diary which has been backward for a few days. Prepared a list of Boylston Market Proprietors and took quite a longish walk to get rid of an impending head ach. My system has been so subject to wearing anxiety for some time past that I should not be surprised to have it disordered, it is not yet diminished entirely. But I feel great relief from my reliance upon a higher power than this world contains.

Afternoon, reading the Massachusetts State Papers over without profit. I never gained much from repeating after a certain time. Evening, Mr. Degrand called in for a few moments. Kirk came in with the Carriage, but as Madame was not strong enough he went out again. Evening, writing.