Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Wednesday. 25th.

Friday. 27th.

Thursday. 26th. CFA Thursday. 26th. CFA
Thursday. 26th.

Very fine weather. My wife was tolerably and my Mother somewhat better. The Carriage came in from Quincy, bringing with it my father. He looks quite unwell and appears to want interest in political affairs excepting always Antimasonry. I was busy some-time with Mr. Knowles and the Coach. A change was effected, I paid him the balance and so the whole matter was settled. At the same time, I must confess that I wasted a good deal of my time this morning—Owing to my having finished my old labour and not at present possessing a definite occupation to succeed it.

Walk as usual. My father and little Louisa dined with us and returned to Quincy shortly afterward. I read a little of the Correspondence of Voltaire with d’Alembert—A little vanity and the spirit of proselytism—Resistance against authority without steadiness to settle the force of the blows. Poor France felt deeply the consequences. I read also, a part of a publication of the Library of Entertaining Knowledge, the habits of birds—Some curious information in it.