Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. 4th.

Sunday. 6th.

186 Saturday. 5th. CFA Saturday. 5th. CFA
Saturday. 5th.

Fine day, but I rose with a head ach from some difficulty in digestion, and it did not leave me until night, and sickness at my stomach. Went to the Office. Quincy called upon me in regard to the business. He has again changed his plan and adresses a letter to the public. I gave him the remainder of the evidence and asked him to submit his paper tomorrow to my father. Occupied in drawing up two leases for Mr. Curtis which I completed, and then went to the House to see my Mother who had come in with the Nurse and my Child from Quincy. I much regret that she cannot remain longer, but we live in a Country where servants must be humoured.1 My Mother seems unwell, and is affected by the political hurly burly.

I took a walk. Afternoon read the Correspondence in the Patriot, of 1809. My Grandfather was decidedly prosy and senile. Thus it is with man ever. One little error or other is always occurring to mar the very best meant efforts. I lazed away the time, as the operation of my headach is always to destroy all my energy. It is a little singular that my return to town should be productive of such an effect. Lounger as usual.


Mrs. Field, the nurse, had been “homesick” in Quincy (JQA, Diary, 5 Oct.).