Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Monday. 21st.

Wednesday. 23d.

Tuesday. 22nd. CFA Tuesday. 22nd. CFA
Tuesday. 22nd.

Rain continues. This will be of great service this day in replenishing the Wells. We have not had so much at a time since the month of April I think. I went to the office and was engaged in business and in writing. I have effected a sale of a considerable quantity of Stock in the Massachusetts Fire and Marine Insurance Co. for my father and propose with it and the proceeds of Merchants’ Bank Stock as well as the Bank Deposit to make up a sum sufficient to redeem his Note at the American Ins. Office, on the 21st. of December next. This off his 199shoulders and perhaps I. Hull’s payment in the Spring will materially relieve his affairs.1 Hallet publishes my first number today. I made a sketch of another.

No walk, and consequent head ach, or nearly. Afternoon hard at work, Bacon’s Character of Elizabeth and beginning of a history of England. O, the evidence of the servility of a noble mind, and the imperfection of human nature. Copied a letter for my father and wrote No. 2 of Proscription. My style improves by practice. This exercise of it will polish the periods and push out the sense. Read two hundred lines of the first book of the Aeneid. Lounger.


CFA’s efforts had long been directed toward the reduction of JQA’s interest payments through the sale of securities and consequent reduction of JQA’s heavy bank loans and through outright payment of his obligations to JA’s heirs as those obligations became due. See vol. 4:259, 425. One such legacy of $3,000 would become due in May 1834 to Isaac Hull Adams, son of TBA, when he reached twenty-one; see Adams Genealogy.