Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Thursday. 24th.

Saturday. 26th.

201 Friday. 25th. CFA Friday. 25th. CFA
Friday. 25th.

Morning cloudy but it afterwards cleared away quite pleasant. I went to the Office and was busy as usual. My multitudinous occupations make the time pass with me with very great rapidity.

My second number appeared in the morning’s Advocate. I called to see the Editor but did not succeed. This business of politics engrosses too much of my time. The appearances now are that the hostility to my father takes another and more artful direction. Finding the abuse he has encountered may do him good, they now direct a more covert battery against his Antimasonic doctrines. This is much better calculated to touch him.

My regular exercise has been all interrupted of late, and I do not know when it will be resumed. Afternoon, read Lord Bacon, wrote some little upon my next number upon Proscription, and copied for my father. This took up much of the Afternoon and Evening. Copied part of my father’s letter to Govr. Lincoln.1


CFA would be engaged until 4 Nov. upon copying this promised response to Gov. Lincoln’s charges against JQA of inconsistency on proscription. It occupies thirty–three pages in JQA’s letterbook (Adams Papers), and, as JQA noted there, was never sent. For it, a much briefer reply was substituted on 5 Dec. ( MHi MHI :Levi Lincoln Papers).