Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Sunday. 27th.

Tuesday. 29th.

Monday. 28th. CFA Monday. 28th. CFA
Monday. 28th.

Fine day although the morning was cloudy and threatened snow. I went to the Office. My Wife being now without a Nurse, and one of her Women being taken sick, begins to feel her weakness. The necessity of an exertion coming at the moment when enough was already to be made, reminds me of the trying times of the Autumn of 1831,1 and makes me feel more disposed to learn patience.

I was occupied most of my time in drawing off my Proscription No. 3, which I accomplished and then called upon Mr. Hallett. With him I had much conversation upon political affairs. I wish if possible to prevent the contingency likely to take place if they row one way and my father another. It is difficult to do so without disclosing my secret.2

The Afternoon was taken up in riding with my Wife. She is very feeble and requires constantly air and exercise. After my return, I was busy in making the copy of the letter to Lincoln and the No. 4 of Proscription.


ABA made a slow recovery after the birth of LCA2; mother and daughter were unwell in September and October of 1831 (vol. 4:136–157passim).


See entry for 7 Oct., above.