Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Monday. 28th.

Wednesday. 30th.

Tuesday. 29th. CFA Tuesday. 29th. CFA
Tuesday. 29th.

Day clear but cold. My family in a state of disarrangement from sickness. I went to the Office and occupied myself as usual. Milton 204has not yet been touched. Such is the vanity of human resolution. Returned to the House to see my Mother who came in this morning to take leave. She proposes to start on Thursday.1

I had also intended to take my Wife to ride but she could not go. My morning was thus in a great degree lost. After dinner she found time and I accordingly rode for one hour. This shortens my time for occupation and I accordingly had not leisure for much. My principal work was copying the letter to Governor Lincoln upon which I made considerable progress. I also found time for the fine narration of the fall of Troy in the second book of the Aeneid.


For Washington.