Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. November 1st.

Sunday. 3d.

206 Saturday. 2d. CFA Saturday. 2d. CFA
Saturday. 2d.

The day was milder than it had been and looked cloudy but it soon after became quite clear. I went to the Office and was engaged most of my time quietly at work upon my Accounts. Nothing of material consequence.

The political world is in a state of commotion about a very small matter—This election of Governor. The prospect for the future is not very clear, and I do not like much to look upon it. So far as I myself may be concerned, my course seems to me to be tolerably clear before me. I have nothing to expect and nothing to wish in a life of so much turmoil. My father has had too much of it not to show me how uncomfortable it is. I shall however persevere and do my duty.

Went to the Athenaeum and from thence home stopping to see a copy of Titian’s Venus lately brought from Europe for Exhibition. The original is in the Dresden Gallery. It is very pretty, but not so voluptuous as I had imagined. There was also a picture of Diana sleeping, an original of Corregio which I did not admire. Afternoon engaged in copying Lincoln’s letter. It is too harsh.