Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Thursday. 21st.

Saturday. 23d.

Friday. 22d. CFA Friday. 22d. CFA
Friday. 22d.

Cloudy with a heavy rain through the most part of the day. I went to the Office and passed most of my time in reading the account of the Parliamentary debates upon the American affairs. The difference in the mode of reporting and speaking since that time is prodigious. 218The public is the Auditor now and the consequence seems to be harangues of great length and very moderate substance. I do not perceive that the Orators of the British Parliament very much excell our’s. Perhaps the taste of the Speakers is better, but their productions have not so much matter.

Walk in the rain as I was suffering again from slight indigestion. Afternoon, busied in copying my Letter to my father, which I executed and sent. Evening, Tom Jones and the Life of Racine. Heavy rain in the night.