Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. 22d.

Sunday. 24th.

Saturday. 23d. CFA Saturday. 23d. CFA
Saturday. 23d.

I spent an hour at market this morning making purchases, although I did not think that the display was as great as I should have expected so soon before our thanksgiving day. Then at the Office where I received a call from Mr. William Spear and a settlement for some Wood sales at Quincy.

Walk. I had a small company to dine. Mr. Thomas K. Davis, Edmund Quincy, Edward Blake and Thomas Dwight.1 It was tolerably pleasant, but not one of my most agreeable dinners. We drank abundance of wine and rose from table a little before seven o’clock. The rest of the evening quiet at home. I did little however excepting my regular work of the Bible and Hewlett.


Thomas Dwight, Harvard 1827, was an attorney.