Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Sunday. 8th.

Tuesday. 10th.

226 Monday. 9th. CFA Monday. 9th. CFA
Monday. 9th.

It rained and blew a hurricane last night, but this morning the weather was as fair and mild as October. I went to the Office and after my usual occupation went down to see Mr. Hallett. We had another conference. He apologized and explained. I did not see his card until this morning requesting this interview. He urged me to make the draft, and I was not taken into the snare. He explained to me the facts as Mr. Bailey told them, without reflecting that his own letter to me was thereby proved a falsehood. He finally suggested the calling the Committee together and deciding upon the draft tomorrow, to which I consented. We had much further conversation upon the proposed withdrawal of my father. He is opposed to it in every shape, but assents if my father will pursue the course he suggests. This is the dictation of party. This is the arrogant fancy of the Newspaper press which is scourging this Country with a rod of Iron. We broke up by my promising to write to my father.

I have lost my confidence in Mr. Hallett, and will try to be prudent as it respects him. I am more and more disgusted with politics. If I had not duties which my name and station prescribe to me, I would forswear them altogether. Attended a Meeting of the Directors of Boylston Market, and after my return, copied a letter to my father. To day, the election for Mayor took place.