Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Monday. 9th.

Wednesday. 11th.

Tuesday. 10th. CFA Tuesday. 10th. CFA
Tuesday. 10th.

Fine morning. I went to the Office as usual. Engaged in Accounts &ca. Called on Mr. Oliver about the Note of my father due on the 21st instant. And called to receive the Dividend upon the New England Insurance Stock which relieves my borrowing materially. Yet I shall be pressed to make up the sum.

Walk. Afternoon read Chalmer’s and attended a Meeting of the Committee on the Memorial. Dr. Phelps, Mr. Gassett and Mr. Hallett present. The latter read his rough draught and we criticised it. I found how it was and took part to show that I was not offended, but I was not entrapped by his complimentary style to suggest any thing in writing myself. We passed upon it and report to the State Committee for it’s publication. And there is an end of it.

In the evening Mrs. Frothingham with her son Thomas and Miss Susan Phillips came up to spend an hour with my Wife.1


On Susan Phillips, a cousin of ABA, see vol. 2:279.