Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. 20th.

Sunday. 22d.

Saturday. 21st. CFA Saturday. 21st. CFA
Saturday. 21st.

Beautiful day. I was very busy all the morning in money affairs. After coming from Market, I called at the Commercial Bank and took up the Deposit made there two months since. The pressure for money is such here that the Cashier offered to guarantee seven and a half per cent for one year upon the sum. I afterwards had Mr. Degrand in chase for me to pay the note due at Mr. Oliver’s Office that he might have the money. I did so before twelve o’clock and felt gratified that I had been able to put a stop to so large an amount of Interest. My father goes backward at Washington, I believe, but I have the satisfaction of pushing him a little forward here.

Walk. Afternoon. Finished Bacon de Augmentis—A wonderful sketch, showing the vastness of the original mind which could embrace it. Evening at home, quiet, Walpole, and Mackintosh.