Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Monday. 23d.

Wednesday. 25th.

Tuesday. 24th. CFA Tuesday. 24th. CFA
Tuesday. 24th.

We have within a week or ten days experienced prodigious alternations of weather. Today brought with it another Easterly rain which with the snow which fell in the night put the Streets under water. I went to the Office and passed my time quietly enough in reading and 234making up Accounts. No walk. Afternoon, Bacon, Silva Silvarum, and in the evening I was busy in reading over Mackintosh’s main positions together with the comments of the North American Review and looking over the first Alcibiades of Plato.1 What a field.


In MQA there is a copy of the Dialogues in French, 2 vols., Amsterdam, 1770, as well as editions in English and Greek of his collected writings.