Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Wednesday. 25th.

Friday. 27th.

Thursday. 26th. CFA Thursday. 26th. CFA
Thursday. 26th.

Fine day again. Office. I was about to go to work, when Mr. S. Conant from Weston came in about his Lease. He was followed by 235Brown the Steam Doctor on a Lease also, Mr. Nathl. Curtis came in upon a similar subject, and then Mr. John Bailey with whom I had conversation upon politics. I read to him my father’s letter, and conversed with him upon the state of the case.1 No conclusions however. My walk was in this manner shortened.

Afternoon, Bacon Silva Silvarum. He discusses the force of imagination not only upon persons themselves but upon those upon whom it may be directed. This is one of the most curious and least investigated of mental phenomena. Evening at home.

We were wakened in the night by the child, which seemed to be labouring under heavy oppression of the lungs. It took an emetic and kept us up.


JQA in his letter to CFA of the 19th (above, entry for 23 Dec., note) had specifically excepted John Bailey from those Antimasons he charged with allying the movement to Jacksonism, “Of this new conspiracy, I am very sure that Mr. Bailey has no suspicion.... I still place unlimited confidence in him.” He authorized CFA to show his letter to Bailey.